Monday, August 22, 2011

It Girl Altar Server Controversy Week In American Catholicism

I am not sure why in reality the fact that a Cathedral in Arizona has decided to have just males for Altar Servers is such a big story. But have no doubt it will be among the Catholic Chattering class and there shall be Op-ed and Pontifications from everyone.

For the record I am very much for it. Also here is the hard basic truth. When we have seen girl altar servers done we notice that the boys in large numbers just quit doing it. All the " we need to change attitudes" is not going to change certain facts about boys no matter how many OP EDS U.S. Catholic, NCR, and America runs.

Anyway Father Z has his good take on it here at Cathedral in Phoenix to have male only altar service (includes whimsical WDTPRS POLL)

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