Friday, August 19, 2011

Pope Benedict Speaks To Women Religious and Young Professors ( FULL TEXT of Both)

The big event today Papal wise at World Youth Day is the Way of the Cros tonight. However here are two events that sparked some interest that have already happened.

See Meeting with women religious at Patio de los Reyes de El Escorial (August 19, 2011)


Meeting with young university professors gathered in the Basilica de San Lorenzo de El Escorial (August 19, 2011)



I just realized something, it isn’t the Catholics
nor Protestants nor Jews nor Muslims nor Atheists
. . . the Catholics are getting all the heat about it BUT IT IS . . .
the Child Molesters –
the Jewish Child Molesters –
the Atheist Child Molesters –
the Mormon Child Molesters –
the Catholic Child Molesters
the Muslim Child Molesters.

It’s the Child Molesters against the rest of us AND they use religion as a smokescreen.
What matters most to a Child Molester is NOT Jesus or Mohammed or Jehovah or Darwin. . .what matters MOST to them is molesting children.

I'm so sorry, I've been very hard on your group...sorry.

James H said...

Well Child abuse and sexual abuse is a very dark place that is for sure. I have had opportuntites to see some aspects of this.

Whats is truly Frightening is that many Abusers even after convicted have little remorse. They seriously think they have done nothing wrong. I have not seen such a compatenlizing in my life but I have seen it time and time again in both the religious and secular world.

I think for manyu there is no chance of a "cure" or rehabilitation which is frightening.