Sunday, August 21, 2011

World Youth Day Madrid A Huge Success ( Full Text Of Papal Homily For Concluding Mass) (Updated with Full Vid)

Update- I updated with a full vid. There is no commentary and thus no various translations but in many ways it's nice to view it through that prism.

Well its nearly over , World Youth Day in Madrid that is, with the concluding Papal Mass. Of course this is not actually World Youth Day but World Youth Week with all the events.

This has too be deemed a great success. I am not sure if my favorite image and sounds were from the Way of the Cross procession (the best I have ever seen) or the images from last night's Vigil.

On a side note the Vigil last night had perhaps the largest crowd Benedict has ever spoken in front of ever with at LEAST by police estimates 1.4 million in attendance. Mother nature made an appearance last night and after a week of horrific heat a massive wind storm and rain storm came so some Papal remarks were cut short.

I have been pretty good at watching the Papal remarks and Homilies at my odd USA times but I nodded off right before the Final Mass was too begin ( 2:30 AM Eastern USA time ) and woke up in my chair right as it ended. But it appears to have been well received :) .I have to catch a replay today.

Here is the Full Text of the Papal Homily ( as we note the Gospel is quite apt for a Pope to give today) and the Angelus.

I will try to have a roundup post today or tomorrow with some links as to World Youth Day highlights and reaction .

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