Monday, August 22, 2011

Should The Episcopal Church Be More Aggressive In Targeting Catholics?

So ask a major TEC voice today. See Get those girls off the altar.

Actually the Epsicopal Church has tried this before so this is nothing new. Further I have found that some Episcopal Bishops are much more blunt in their remarks than their Catholic counterparts as to "targeting". While many defections to the Catholic Church among clergy is kept "low key" we see in the TEC some rather grand in your face attitudes. For instance see how the Father Cutie situation was handled in Miami

But heck its the market place of idea so I have no problem with this.

What struck me was the "discriminatory", "authoritarian" remarks. Well that is often in the eye of the beholder. I am pretty sure some Conservative traditional TEC members think that current leadership is "discriminatory" and "authoritarian" toward them. Further this is a strange remark to make as we see the Primate and the head office take on in just the last 5 years some unprecedented powers over the local Churches and Dioceses and it appears that trend will continue.

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