Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tragic Murder Suicide At First Baptist Church in Bossier City Louisiana

People must be in shock over there. My grandfather is a member here as well as one time a Deacon. It's one of the major Baptist Churches in the State.

My Bossier has Bossier Church Shooting: Allan Haltom also faced criminal charges


Jim said...

This really was a shock. My son in law had just left the daycare with my 4 month old granddaughter 10 minutes before the shooting. As you know, just a stone's throw from the PD and the municipal complex, right by the mall, the last place you would expect something like this.

James H said...

Wow amazing Very lucky no one one else got killed with how unstable he sounded. As soon as heard the victim was a man and woman I figured the circumstances were going to be even worse