Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Tim Tebow the Blasphemer Article By Sports Writer Really Out Of Bounds?

Wow this is getting some attention. See Evangelical Football Star Tim Tebow Targeted for His Faith? – Christian Post

First let me say I respect Tim Tebow even though he was and ever will be an evil Florida Gator. Though I am glad Verne and others at CBS Sports are not promoting every Saturday from the booth Tim Tebow's Dad's Catholic converting operation in the Philippines from the booth. That got annoying. They were not exactly preaching to atheists over there.

However that being said Tebow is a good role model.

Now after you read the above link read the entire CBS article by Gregg Doyel.

Now to be honest I LIKE how sports media often don't ignore the "religious ghosts" that are in sport's stories. In fact unlike other secular media they get that RELIGION matters to both the people they cover and the people that read their articles. The writing is far from perfect but at least it's there. So I want to encourage that.

On the whole I think this opinion piece is valid. I don't think that Tim Tebow is a blasphemer which I thought was a tad out of line.

However Tebow is quite out there with his Christianity and even among us "Orthodox" believes this conversation mirrors a theological one that happens often among us. Just think of that certian popular preacher that packs them in at the former Astrodome in Houston and the ink spilt on him among Christians. So it's fair game I think.

Now if Mr Doyel is accurately portraying Tebow's Christian theological system, and if this is a good researched SPORTS/Religious themed reporting on this subject matter I will leave to others too examine.

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