Friday, August 26, 2011

If 2.5 Million Mexican Presbyterians Fell In A Forest and No One Heard It ....

Did it happen?

Well it just did.

I am sure Religion Dispatches is working up a article blaming this on right wing Anglo folks in the USA that control the minds of black and brown people and lead them by the nose.

Till then its woth pondering when Mainline Protestants vote on certain things that change doctrine if they truly consider the sin of schism that big of a sin.

Also if they truly believe in one catholic Church does the fact that such developments as this that can be forseen are never brought up important. To be "catholic" I think involves consultation with the world wide church. Was this on any one's mind.

So as too "catholic" and "schism" does anyone really care or are just necessary collateral damage in these matters.

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