Sunday, August 21, 2011

Senator David Vitter To Hold Events With Congressman Landry ( In Boustany's DISTRICT !!! )

To say this is bold, unheard of , and significant is an understatement. Roll Call from D.C. takes note of this at Vitter Holding Events With Landry — in Boustany’s District.

The implications of this seem clear as both GOP Landy and GOP Boustany will have to run against each other because of the new maps after redistricting.

I am anxious to see the reaction to this in Lafayette. It might actually help Congressman Landry. On the other hand Congressman Boustany loyalists in the Mother City of the District might really take offense at Vitter for this. While it can be claimed that this is for a specific reason ( as stated in the article) one would be naive not to get the other message.

As a political matter this is yet another rather bold and public move by Louisiana's GOP Senator in internal GOP politics. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. This Congressional race is going to be a messy internal GOP affair next year. IF Vitter gets involved it has the potential of great reward for him or great fallout.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Boustany will likely coast to victory, so I don't know why Vitter would even bother. Both Vitter and Landry are obstinate, maybe they have a connection. Or maybe Vitter and Boustany don't get along.

It will be interesting to watch this race. If Boustany wins the Republican primary will Landry run as an Independent (or vice versa - I could see Boustany winning in a fashion like Sen. Murkowski)? Will that open the door for one of the better known Democrats to jump in? Kathleen Blanco was rumored to be thinking about running last time.

James H said...

That my question I"THINK" when this race occurs we will be back to the open primary again

Here is a danger. What if a JUST one Dem got in under a open primnary scenario and because the gop guys beat up on each other that person get 50.1 percent