Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Children At Barksdale Air Force base At Disadvantage As To Louisiana School Sports and Athletics

I don't know if this is a Bossier Parish rule or a Statewide rule but this needs to be changed. In the Shreveport Times today in Landrieu meets with Barksdale PTA we learn among other things:

Alisha Hayes, Barksdale PTA president, said among concerns shared by parents were military students new to the system having the ability to play sports. Currently such students must wait a year before becoming eligible to play.
"The goal is to get as many voices heard and to continue that discussion to address real issues impacting military families," Hayes said. "Oftentimes, school districts or others may not realize a military student may need when they move into a community, but making Sen. Landrieu and others aware of our concerns is a great way to being to make things better not only for our kids but all of the kids in our local school systems."

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