Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Wonderful Insight on St Augustine and His Thoughts on the Passion of Christ

Father Z has a excellent post on St Augustine and his sermon on the Passion of Christ at Oldie PODCAzT 14: St. Augustine on the Lord’s Passion . Thi of course was in the Office of Readings for Monday. It is beneficial to read that as Father Z goes into this:

Today’s Office of Readings has an excerpt of a sermon by St. Augustine of Hippo (+430 – s. Guelf. 3 otherwise called s. 218C) preached in 412 about the Lord’s Passion. I give you the whole sermon, since it is short. Also, if you are paying attention, you might hear Augustine refer to the "wonderful bargain" (mirum commercium) and a "mutual give and take" (mutua participatio).

He really goes into what those Latin Words means. As he says "The words mirum commercium and mutua participatio are loaded with layers. "

The Text of what is the Office of Reading(in English) is here.

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