Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Official Transcript of Oral Arguments To the Supreme Court In D.C. Handgun Ban Case

I have been waiting to read this. This o 2nd Amendment case happend today. I shall update this entry with my thoughts and what the legal minds think as to the arguments and the Justices's interaction with them later.

Click here to see the official transcript of oral arguments to the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller.

The audio feed from C-SPAN is available here

Update 1- I will comment after I read the whole thing. I might as well try to put that LSU legal education to use and see how close I am to what the "experts " think. After I read it I shall post what the biggies are saying. However this case is a hot ticket. many times you can just go and hear arguments. This one was a huge Tourist and Court Watcher attraction. Here are some pics of the crowd. Needless to say people are camping out the night before for the typical case :)

Update 2 - Well Finally got the transcripts in the oral arguemnts. There were some suprises. I will do an overview perhaps later today.

A good place to go that has most of the good links as to this is the Scotus BLog. GO see Index to SCOTUSblog’s Heller Coverage, D.C. v. Heller: Post-Argument Round-Up, Today’s Transcripts, Analysis: Defining a right of self-defense, and The Guns Case “Live” Blog

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