Thursday, March 20, 2008

U.S. Catholic Offical- Only "Real Men" Need Apply To the Priesthood

This is part I of a very interesting interview with Father David Toups ,the associate director of the Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations of the U.S. episcopal conference, on crisis of authentic masculinity and how it affects the Priesthood.

Here are just some parts:
A general crisis of authentic masculinity in society has also affected the priesthood as only "real men" can adequately fulfill the role of priest and pastor, says Father David Toups...

Q: Is there a crisis of authentic masculinity in the priesthood? Could this be a source of the vocation shortage, especially among Latinos?

Father Toups: Allow me to rephrase the first question to be more all embracing: Is there a crisis of authentic masculinity in the world? I would say yes.

There is a crisis of commitment, fidelity and fatherhood all rooted in men not living up to their call to be “real men” -- men who model their lives on Christ, who lay down their lives out of love, and who learn what it is to be a father from our Father in heaven.

So in the context of the priesthood, which flows out of society, there is a particular challenge to help men grow in manly virtue. The priesthood is not for the faint of heart, but for men who are up to the challenge of living as Christ in laying down their life on a daily basis.

As the priest says the words of consecration, “This is my Body,” Christ is not only speaking through him, but the priest is offering his own life as well for the people to whom he is called to serve. If a seminarian does not have a deep desire to get married and have children, he might need to rethink his vocation, for these are the natural and healthy manly desires of the heart. He needs to recognize that; in actuality, the priest truly is a married man and a father.

I will put up part II when it comes up but it is a good read. As soon as I read this I thought of entry that Courageman had put up last year at "Act Like a Man" . That talk and the link to the Theology on Tap recording was by Father Scalia. YES , if you are wondering that is Justice Scalia's son. which is one reason why I remembered it. Father Scalia is basically saying the same thing as to this crisis and other cproblems as well.

Update here is part 2 at Priestly Identity: Crisis and Renewal (Part 2)


Anonymous said...

How true.

Have you noticed the heroes in movies are becoming more feminine and the heroines are becoming more masculine?

James H said...

That is true. I do think we are seeing it affect a lot of things