Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Louisiana on the Cutting Edge- Bill for Offical State Cocktail

This is pretty funny. I really don't have a problem with this and it does seem like a Louisiana thing to do.

If you wish to see the official proposed bill go here to Senate Bill Number 6!!!!!

However I do not support this silly bill that proposes a State Holiday to remember Hurricane Rita and Katrina. For some reason I link in my mind State Representative Juan LaFonta of New Orleans with similar goofy things but My memory is failing me on what

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William Eunice said...

I somehow do not think a state holiday marking Katrina and Rita is fit given the people who have died in other storms including the 500+ killed in Hurricane Audrey or one of the worst tornado disasters in US history which is marking its 100th anniversary next month. The Amite-Purvis tornado of April 1908, a storm which leveled a heavy toll in the African-American community of the time.

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