Thursday, March 20, 2008

Papal Holy Thursday Homilies Tonight

I have a tad bit of work to do here in Shreveport before departing to go back home and attend Holy Thursday Mass tonight. The whole office is sort of looking at the clock. 4 Day weekend!!!

By the time I get back tonight around the full translations(as well as pics) of the Holy Chrism and Holy Thursday Masses should be out.

Till then I wish everyone a Happy Holy Thursday. Holy Thursday is always one of the days I enjoy the most. I woke up with some excitement as to it today.

If truth be told this night ,via a Maundy Thursday Service at an Episcopal Church I went to with my neighbors when I was a teenage,r was pro bally the first step to my Road to Rome and the Catholic faith.

I will do the "daily" Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update tomorrow and it will include entries from bloggers that updated today. I am not able to get it out because "work " is intervening.

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