Thursday, March 27, 2008

Breaking- Catholics About to Win in English Reformation Battle

HA, I knew we would win that whole English Reformation thing in the end :) Tip of the Miter to CVSTOS FIDEI

The UK Herald has the story Act of Settlement review in shake-up In the sake of friendship after we take all their great boy Choirs( ours as a general rule suck it seems) and take back the wonder English Churches we shall give them Father Mcbrien, the National Catholic Reporter, that ex priest that writes all those horrid article in the Boston Globe, and all the people that construct all those wonderful Felt banners for us.


William Eunice said...

I went to Westminster Cathedral in London several times while I was there and had the pleasure of listening to their boys choir. I was impressed, but what do I know.

Heh ... my word verification was

AXMSU ... I guess Blogger has something against Mississippi State

James H said...

lol that is funny