Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update March 18th Holy Week Edition

Unskilled labor has a link and comments to a WSJ article on Jindal Go see Jindal for VP also see his post Grand Isle 2008 . Ahh sounds fun

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group has a good post on a a Louisiana Catholic Apologist that came and spoke. Go see Karlo Broussard Rocked the House!

Catholic Tube is still reminding us we can win a Catholc t-shirt at Win A Catholic T-Shirt. See the new vids he has posted at I Adore Thee Devoutly and Lenten Reflections 4

The Catholic Underground might have had problems with the podcast that I had linked yesterday. They have it redone here at CU Episode 71: Times Seven Times (Pro Version)

Alive and Young has Guinness Beef Stew .Also see All y'all Who Seen the Leprechaun Say

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has his daily meditation at Tuesday in Holy Week (18 Mar 2008). Another great commentary on the Daily mass Readings as we head into the heart of Holy Week.

Vox Feminae has an update here at Busy, busy . I hope to travell over to Shreveport soon one Sunday and hear her Choir in its full glory soon. The Choir and music there is truly a blessing at the Catherdral. By the way her story about her son reminds me of another cute" young boys say the dardnest things story" that happened this weekend. I shall now interrupt the update to tell it. At my Grandfather's birthday party a mother, that has a son perhaps of Vox Feminae's sons age, was talking about an observation her son made. He announced out of the blue that it must be really be hard to be a Virgin because they could not eat cheese. Well the older sister was about to explode and the mother gave her the "look" .Mothers being mothers did a retake of what in the heck could have happened the last few days to bring this on. Then she recalled a past conversation and said yes I bet it is tough for VEGANS BECAUSE THEY CAN'T EAT CHEESE.

Resuming the update

Maude In Mandeville still not impressed with Obama. Go see Obama's 'Bart Simpson'

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has We Walk with Christ: Tenth Station and Marching with St. Pat and Green Eggs and Ham. I also want to hit this entry again. I intend to give it another entry of its own. If you a Louisiana Catholic Home schooler go see Upcoming Louisiana Conference

From The Recamier has her entry for the day here. She talks abiut yesterdays Mass reading that involves Mary of Bethany using an expensive ointment on the feet of Jesus . She of course hits Mary of Bethany using an expensive ointment on the feet of Jesus. She hits on a ton of interesting facts for the day as usual Including that "in 1969 Golda Meir became Prime Minister of Israel. (She was born in Kiev and raised in the United States; and she was Israel’s first woman prime minister and the third woman in the world to hold this office, but the first to do so without a family member having been head of state." She also hits on Helen Hayes that died on yesterdays date and there is a Catholic Connection I was not aware of as to her.

Thoughts & Ruminations of Father Ryan has this incredible resource under his Monday Entry from yesterday(march 17th) He has no permalinks but go see it. I fyou are a Liturgy of the Hours devotee and of Latin you want to see this. Wow is right!!! I am putting this on my links.

The Brown Pelican Society has a ton of links. I have time to post them all today so here we go
The Infanticide Protocol
The Epidemic and the Cure
40 Days for Life Reports Saved Lives, Heightened Awareness
Planned Parenthood Apologizes for Accepting Racist Donor(Ha Ha)
Vatican in Talks to Open First Catholic Church in Saudi Arabia
FR. JONATHAN: Wall Street Jitters and Right Living
"Idol Gives Back" Project Supports Abortion
TODAY'S GOSPEL & MEDITATION - Faithful Love Remains
TODAY'S SAINT - St. Cyril of Jerusalem (315?-386)

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