Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catholics In Washington DC Area Getting Pro active For Papal Visit

The D.C. ArchDiocese is being pro active on the Papal visit. They are running quite a series with materials on Peter, the Papacy, and assorted Apologetics. Tip of the hat to Whispers in the Loggia and his very good post PopeTrip Notes that led me to some of the D.C. efforts here at From Peter to Benedict: The Keys to the Kingdom.

It is a good start. I really think that as to these Papal trips that the Vatican, the Bishops and Lay Catholic organizations should look at the Billy Graham model. When Billy Graham comes to a city it is a a year long event. With prayer teams ,and people going door to door, and activities on the local church level. Much of the spiritual work and its fruits happens far outside the events that Billy Graham speaks out. It is truly a revival for the local church and community and it continues long after the "crusade" is over.

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