Thursday, March 27, 2008

LSU Tigers Lose to UNO In Baseball Last Night- The Sky is Falling!!!

At Least we Have the Golden Girls to Think of on Days Like This!

Speaking of the Golden Girls are they at the Games? Perhaps we should get them there quick or would they prove more a distraction to the team? Pretty soon we might try to do some voo-doo or something.

Before we go the bad news as last drama let us stay with the the Golden Girls a sec. Do any of my LSU readers know the story on the cute Black head girl in the top row. When ever I see her on TV or at games(yes she is even more stunning in person) I always imagine she is the perfect LSU FOOTBALL Lovin , Latin mass Going, Used and Rare French Quarter Book Store lover , History Channel watching, Deer Hunting Republican Catholic Italian New Orleans girl you would want to take home to Momma.

When I am at the games I always take time to check out through my binoculars to see if she is eyeing me out among the other 95,000 Tiger fans. Who Knows? Ah some LSU guy will be very lucky. Please keep all Buzz about her g rated in the comment section since we are a "family blog". I hear though she is dating a football player :(.

Anywho on the game

Ok it is not all that bad. Yes losing to UNO- The University of New Orleans in Baseball is never pleasant. It is especially not fun when we had a nice lead. The Advocate has Late error costs Tigers. Check out the Advocate baseball blog and last nights entries for more details. I don't even have the heart to see what the Nawlins papers are saying. So go google that yourself :).

Now Tiger fans of course are being their nice calm rational self. NOT!!! Go see Some Comments on the Baseball Team , Introducing the Paul Mainieri Spelling Challenge!, The REAL issue with the baseball team, This baseball season will be a disappointment if... and Before the sky falls and the Rantards commit suicide...

Now we go and PLAY FLORIDA. Say Prayers. By the way the Tigers are taking a Charter Flight to the game. The Advocates Baseball blog has some interesting stuff behind that at 8:30 a.m. -- The story behind the charter flight

For those interested this is how other Louisiana Baseball teams are doing(last updated at 08:30 CST on march 26)

LSU 15-8, 2-4 SEC
RPI #39

New Orleans 14-8, 3-5 SBELT
RPI #44

Tulane 16-7, 0-0 CUSA
RPI #50

Louisiana-Monroe 14-8, 7-2 SBELT
RPI #51

Centenary 14-5, 0-0 SUMMIT
RPI #105

Northwestern State 13-10, 5-1 SOUTHLAND
RPI #118

Southeastern Louisiana 12-10, 3-3 SOUTHLAND

RPI #121

Louisiana-Lafayette 10-12, 4-5 SBELT
RPI #130

Louisiana Tech 13-10, 0-4 WAC
RPI #143

McNeese State 7-15, 3-3 SOUTHLAND

RPI #208

Southern 7-9, 6-3 SWAC
RPI #228

Nicholls State 5-17, 1-5 SOUTHLAND
RPI #251

Grambling State 10-13, 8-4 SWAC
RPI #261

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