Thursday, March 27, 2008

LSU QB Ryan Perrilloux Back On Team- Sorta

The Advocate had the story here at Perrilloux off suspension, but no practice. A few blurbs:

LSU went back to work on the football field Wednesday and troubled quarterback Ryan Perrilloux was still not involved.
But the junior is no longer suspended and could return before spring drills conclude April 5.
Tigers coach Les Miles put the team through its first official workout since the players returned from spring break, the same day the school hosted Pro Day at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility.
And while Perrilloux wasn’t around in body, he’s not far from the minds of Miles and his teammates.

“The things that I hear, most are very positive,” Miles said when asked if Perrilloux was getting closer to returning to the practice field. “I just want to make sure he’s doing the work in the classroom and taking care of business. If he does that, I think we could see him this spring.”

Miles, who suspended Perrilloux in mid-February after the heir apparent to the starting QB job missed or was late to a series of team meetings and practices, seemed to be satisfied with the progress Perrilloux has made in getting reinstated.

“There’s absolutely contact and that contact is ongoing, but I’m not coaching him and there’s things I’m not going to do,” Miles said. “From what I hear, it’s going well.
He is no longer suspended. He’s on the team, but not with playing privilege or practice privilege.”
Until that changes, the LSU quarterback situation is in limbo.............

Now in that article there is interesting stuff about Hatch and Lee our two other guys that are competing to be the Stud QB.So check it out

I do hope and pray that Perrilloux is a success. Not just for selfish reason for LSU but for his own life. RP's problems are not the type that make me think he is a bad kid.

However I have to think this is it. If Miles can not break the wild Bronco that is Ryan Perrilloux after all this then it is a lost cause. The problem is LEADERSHIP. This is one of those qualities that every great team needs especially in the QB situation. It is a quality that fans know they need but will often throw under the bus when they get dazzled by the flashy new talent. For an example of this see last year when a lot of fans, upset that Matt Flynn was not the mythical version of J Russell they has their minds, wanted to put Perrilloux in by the 4th Game as number 1 QB. The talk radio shows were full of it. It took the whole Perrilloux getting suspended before the Bama game to wake fans up that Coach Miles knew what he was doing.

Coach Miles would love to be around these kids 24/7 but NCAA rules probibit that so Leadership on the team for all that stuff ours outside the alloted numbers of hours allowed for practice and Coach/Player things is essential. The LSU QB is an essential part of that.

Also let us admit this. We can't put too much into the whole Dual QB system thing. That is truly a ton of problems. First the fans are not and never will be mature enough for a true Dual QB system. We saw that last year with a fan base that just used it for endless QB controversies. Also it has practical problems. We saw that last year also. The Offensive Line gets used to a QB and the very cadence of his voice. We saw massive problems with false starts and the Offense jumping off the line and miscues. Also notice we had more problems getting the play off in time or just getting it off with 01 left for the play.

So Ryan needs to step up and if not Miles and the fans should just bite the bullet and put Lee or Hatch in charge.

Good Luck Ryan we need you but you can be replaced!!!

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