Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Important Liturgical Happenings at Papal Easter Vigil?

Father Z is one of those fortunate folks that get the Vatican Documents and Papal Homilies while they are still under the embargo. From my understanding important documents and homilies are given to certain press and others a bit before they happened. This is for obvious reasons because people do stories and the such on them. The rule is don't release it before it is said or published. Sadly Opinionated Catholic is not on the Vatican List for the Embargoed stuff. Maybe next year.

Anyway Father Z has a post up on the Holy Father's Holy Saturday Homily and it contains Liturgical surprises. Go see Holy Father’s upcoming sermon of for the Vigil Mass - incredible . I am intrigued and I hope perhaps tomorrow to go through the English translation of the sermons and the Papal liturgy from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday to see what else is there.

So we shall see what is up in a few hours. Father Z says in part:
Pope Benedict has long written of the meaning and need for ad orientem worship. In practical terms he knows that we cannot force abrupt changes. We must be gentle in reintroducing it. However, as we have been watching him during the last year or so reintroducing many traditional elements our Roman Rite into the full view of the world, including ad orientem worship in the Sistine Chapel, I think we can say that he thinks the time has come for more decisive moves.Again, the are many levels on which we can hear this sermon and I urge you to read several times, perhaps, with an eye on baptism, on illumination, etc. But take some time for what his words could provide for some liturgical starting points, helpful to a reform of our contemporary liturgical practices.

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