Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If You are Critical of Obama Then You are Racist Line is Getting Old

Also if his supporters don't stop it then I hate to tell them he will lose. I am seeing this more and more.

Andrew Sullivan speaks of the NR Corner blog yesterday. He says:
To read the Corner today was to be reminded that some are immune to the grace and hope and civility that Reagan summoned at his best; the anger and bitterness is so palpably fueled by fear and racism it really does mark a moment of revelation to me.

Daniel Larison responds in part here at a very good piece:

No one will confuse me for a friend of The Corner, but whatever disagreements I have with them the responses I saw today in reaction to Obama’s speech were not only well within reasonable bounds, but also some of them were making good sense in their criticism of some of the details and policy substance of the speech. There were also several people who responded mostly favourably to the speech–Charles Murray was not on his own. It is becoming depressingly common for Obama supporters to trot out accusations of racism whenever someone frowns in their hero’s direction. Frankly, if they really believe what the man says, this is unworthy of the candidate they are promoting. If an Obama presidency means four years of his fans’ hectoring everyone else about their racial hang-ups (because Obama is smart enough not to do this), it is unlikely that Obama will ever win the election.

Amen to that. Long time readers will note that I take the Corner blog a good bit. Especially on issues where I think they are just throwing red meat to the wolves. Their views on immigration and their treatment of Huckabee was I thought way over the top. Needless to say Mr Lopez over there is not on my Christmas Card list.

However he is right. Many of the remarks they had about his speech were the same I had. Sure it sounded great but parts of it were the same ole same ole. I for one did not view it as the best thing since the "I have a Dream Speech!!!"

Electing a President is a very personal thing. The President very much becomes part of your life. You can not escape him. He comes up in conversation at the Dinner table, at work, and becomes part of the culture. Oh and his views have real life affects on your life.

If people think they cannot disagree with Obama without hearing "If he was only white you would not be saying this!!!" then he will lose this fall. Simple as that

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Anonymous said...

I'm white and I will not vote for Obama, but I don't say this in public. There's too much pressure to say you'll vote for him just because he's black. I don't agree with this and I think Obama is racist against white people. Why should I vote for someone who hates me?