Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Louisiana Catholic Blogger Update( Easter Tuesday Edition)

It is a light update today. No doubt Louisiana blog land is feeling a tad ill eating to much Chocolate and Crawfish in celebration of Easter so we have just a few updating since I last checked in.

Vox Feminae has three nice little posts. She has a post called Good Friday(with Pics) that show the Way of the Cross stuff that was our Cathedral. She has Easter week here and promises us to give more details on the upcoming Latin mass that is coming next week. Also a interesting entry here at Sacred Music issue arrived...

Arrival : The Parousian Weblog has The Dignity of Women: A look at Mulieris Dignitatem (post 3)

Ville Platte Catholic Youth Group is becoming a handy stop every day to check out. They have this nice entry at Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord with a ton of links and info on the day

Unskilled Labor has the The Secret to More Blog Traffic... . Which is of course having a huge Catholic site pick up your post of your cute kid kissing the BVM. Go there for more and the the pic

Catholic Tube - has a vid up called Do People Change After Marriage

From The Recamier has her daily update here. She gets off "light today(which was yesterday when she posted) since we do not have a Saint to honor today but she has all the fun "this day in history stuff!!! She has a ton on Jules Verne that died on yesterdays date

Footprints on the Fridge has good post that is new take on the examination of of Conscience for the Easter Season. Go see Looking for Signs of New Life

Cajun Cottage Under the Oaks has An Easter Sacrifice and Easter Pics

Fr. Victor Brown’s Catholic Daily Message has Easter Tuesday (25 Mar 2008)

The Brown Pelican Society has his usual links of imortant news and such that we all should be taking a look at.
He has:
'Gay Hate Campaign' Targets Oklahoma Lawmaker
Seeing Is Believing: Ultrasound Technology Has Succeeded in Unmasking the Lie of the Abortion Movement
Good News: Study Shows Value of Repeated Parent-Child Talks on Sex
Liberals Want $204 Million in Federal Abstinence Education Cut
HOMILY OF THE DAY: Take His Hand and Live!
Why is This Sacrament Called "Orders"?
Intercession of Virgin Mary Prevented War in South America, Newspaper Reveals
In Persona Christi: The Priest and Contraception
Former Muslim Magdi Allam Recounts His Path to Catholic Conversion and Baptism
COMMENTARY: God is Not a Republican or a Democrat: But I Disagree with Doug Kmiec’s Endorsement
San Jose Cathedral to Host Mass for (Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Marriage ) California Democrats
Knight of Columbus Head Writes Guide for Changing Culture
Politically Correct Eugenics
TODAY'S FEAST DAY - Annunciation of the Lord

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