Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tension Between HHS Birth Control Document And New Vatican's Document on Vocation of Catholic Business People (Updated)

Catholic Vote has noted a tad bit of tension between the newly released Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace document on Catholic business and business folks versus the Obama HHS Mandate compromise is fine and dandy Catholic folks.

See The Catholic Left Comes Out Against Economic Justice and Peace

No matter if you think the "compromise" was satisfactory as to Catholic entities ( which regular readers know I do not), I thought it was rather breathtaking how the Catholic left just sacrificed the laity folks. In fact it seemed a position that akin to the bad ole Clericalism they often complain about. Indeed it seems to go against the spirit and text of teaching on the Laity and "Vocation" we have had got since Vatican II.

No I realize there can be public polic disagreement. However they were awfully quick to drop the laity into the deep end as to this matter with much discussion. Heck within minutes it seemed.

Bishop Lori in this piece tended to agree it seems.

Update- I think Prof Garnett has a wise post seeking some balance here as to this post and in fairness of motives.

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