Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Thoughts On The Catholic Young Adults The Church Might Miss

I have been following the big United Methodist Conference they have every four years on the twitter. Like Catholics and most everyone else the YOUTH / YOUNG PEOPLE/YOUNG ADULTS is a major issue. The issues range from how do we get young people in the Church to hear our voice. So nothing new there.

I don't think a month goes by as to the Catholic angle I am preaching on the importance of College Campus Ministry and how that can solve a whole host of problems.  We see countless examples of around our nation.

However looking at various Methodist youth leaders talk about this it dawned on me that even the youth /young adult crowd maybe are not engaging all this demo. This is a problem.

A few thoughts-

What about young adults that don't go to college ? I can not speak for the Methodists but it does seem thing like Theology Tap, and like things seem mostly college educated. From the person working at Wal-Mart to the well paid Roughneck are we seeing them? I wonder if sometimes as to young adults engaging in this movement if they are sort of self segregating without realizing it.  I do think on the Catholic angle things like the Knights can help on this. At least in the past among males this seems to be pretty mixed

For those that go too college are we just hitting the traditional 4 yr colleges to the exclusion of Junior Colleges where many go. A place where also people are also thinking vocations. Yes I know the that strains already strained resources but well ....

For the non college crowd how do we get them involved , and as important guide them as to looking at the possibility of future vocations that God might be calling them too.

Fianlly what about the military both abroad and at home. How many of these youth leave the Church because well we just don't just think about them.

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