Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LCWR and the Sex Abuse Bomb ( Don't Look Over There )

Father Z has post commenting on the musing of Sally Quinn over at Washington Post on the Vatican / American Nun Leadership news. See Sally Quinn of WaPo: a lesson in getting it wrong. Father Z drops the sex abuse issue bomb.

Like Father Z I have rather outspoken , and mixed views on SNAP which is the main sexual abuse "clergy" victims group. However if the media is going to hold a Conference of Bishops accountable to SNAP and sex abuse issues why not a confence of women?

This issue has not been really a secret but I think because :
(1) These are women
(2) These are often people with progressive views
(3) THEY HELP THE POOR as we are constantly reminded
(4) They at times like to make life "interesting" for the Catholic power structure

They get a pass.

Now I have no idea why  LCWR seems to be stonewalling on sex abuse issues. I honestly would not want to deal with SNAP either under their current leadership.

Still if one is in a cynical mood one would think in order to protect their Sisters ( a female Clericalism) , and to protect the assets that delaying till everyone died off was a good plan.

Here is the rub. A lot of problems as to the Church dealing with various issues such as sex abuse was because there was no one holding groups, orders , dioceses, movements accountable.

Some were in fact viewed as untouchable because they had powerful friends. In this way why would LCWR be that much different that say the problems we saw in Legionaires of Christ ? No oversight and a Church unto themselves has produced problems as we have seen. Not sure why LCWR would be different.
As to the media and pundit sif they wish to play the BUT LOOK AT PRIESTS and sex abuse card then they better deal what Father Z has mentioned.

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