Monday, April 30, 2012

First Global Orthodox Council Since 787 AD Could Produce One USA Eastern Orthodox Church ?

Get Relgion has a good piece looking at news story that seems to be rather important. See How to cover a complex religion story 101.

The rather big bombshell to me at least :

On orders from patriarchs in Constantinople, Russia, Serbia and elsewhere, all Orthodox bishops in this country are working on a plan for one American Church.

The patriarchs say they want to approve such a plan at a yet-unscheduled Great and Holy Council of global Orthodoxy. The last such council was in A.D. 787. In 2010, 66 American bishops formed the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, to devise the plan.

A Global Council of Orthodox Christians Bishops seems well rather a huge deal. It's like Council of Trent , Vatican I , and Vatican II combined. What I am left wondering is the Orthodox time frame and  what is sort of the date they are aiming at for such a Council. I have to admit such a Council would be very exciting , and at the same time a tad oh boy watch out".

If we are looking to see such a Council occur this decade perhaps it's time that the news media start covering Orthodoxy more here in the USA.

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