Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mark Shea Talks Party GOP Party " Elites " After Santorum Withdrawal

Mark Shea has some thoughts on Santorum's departure today from the race.

I am never quite sure who these "elites" are. But regardless:

the Plastic Android in the service of monied interests that the GOP leadership decided we would all nominate, despite our vociferous protests and desperate attempts to find an alternative, is now the de facto nominee as Santorum bows out.

It really does make me wonder in what sense we live in a democracy when we all know ahead of time who the party elite have chosen and are perfectly aware that all attempts to defy that elite will result in defeat.....

Umm is that exactly how that went down , and I speak as a person that did not vote for Romney in the primary.

We actually had a few alternatives to Romney. The Congresswoman Michele Marie Bachmann  came on the scene with her devoted fans. But the voters did not seem enthused.
A very ELITE ( among others) sensible Governor choice Timothy James "Tim" Pawlenty did not elicit much excitment among the voters.

 Then we had Governor Rick Perry , also with his combo of elites and the great unwashed, that seem to fizzle and not live up to expectations.

We had the "elites" and other try to get Governors Mitch Daniels and Chris Christie into the race. That failed.

Oh and lets forget Mr Cain!!

So we had Newt , whom I voted for, but lets admits had problems and seemed to have little appeal outside a region. So what was left was Ron Paul and Santorum. I actually think Santorum did well , but it appears some ( and not just elites) but a lot of GOP voters thought for whatever reason he was not their choice or could not cut it. He also suffered from what many campaigns like his suffer from. From having go from 0 to 120 mph in order to be competitive and having a VOLT to do it in. While money no doubt plays a role there is also the organization. An organziaztion that by the way to get people the polls is not often just staffed by the "elite".

There was no "elite" conspiracy here. The fact is well time is running out. Other people were found wanting and chances are Romney is the last one standing.

Just not sensing the "elites" moving the levels behind the scenes that much. It is what it is.

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