Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Archbishop Chaput Must Intervene in Philadephia Prom Travesty 2012

Some people view me no doubt as a hack sometimes as I defend Holy Mother Church. For those that do I will now shock you. I am about to bring the hammer down

The Archdiocese of Philadephia  appears to have one of the most idiotic polices as to PROMS I have ever heard of. See  Amanda Dougherty, Junior At Catholic High School, Banned From Prom For Having No Date

I have never heard of such a thing. I was sort of a late bloomer in the looks department. I was a rather geek like looking guy in High School. I was one of those guys or girls that had that transformation around my College Freshman year  in the looks and awkward department. So I am sort of very much in favor of dateless people going to the prom.

Further I had a good time at mine. Some pretty classmates danced with me , and it was one of those bonding Senior moments. I am sure there is some justification for this stance but I can't think what it might be.

Further for a Catholic school system this is sort of weird. What about Prom folks that might be , even at that early age, might be contemplating a religious life. Maybe they are not into dating for various reason including that.   SORRY  DATE NO PROM you got to miss out on the epic High School experience. Yes we all know the Prom is sort of overrated with all the buildup but still one cannot realize that till you go.It is still a rite of passage.

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