Monday, April 16, 2012

Does Your Local Church Need An ATM Machine

Af ew days ago I noticed a article in the Shreveport Times  about  a Baptist Church named The Church of the Highlands installing an ATM machine. Both the Highland Church ,and the Highland neighborhood is pretty dynamic. You got the working  poor, yuppies, art folks, etc all living in close quarters. It also has a rather substantial Private Methodist College too . It's a fun of area of town I think to live.

The pastor wrote on this couple of months ago at their blog. See ATM Machine for a Church? He starts out

"We are installing an ATM machine, but not to make it easier to increase the weight of our weekly offering plate each Sunday." Actually I don't find anything wrong with that either :)

But as he points out the main target is the working poor in the area that often have to HIGH HIGH ATM fees. Sicne everything relating to GOVT assistance is debit cards more and more it's a good move. I also have to think  it's a huge winner for the old folks on SSI that are on limited incomes too.


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