Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pope Benedict Enters the German "For All " or " For Many " Consecration Controversy ( Updated With Full Text )

UPDATE- Full text here

It is still early , but it appears the vast upheaval predicted by the retranslation of the English Catholic Liturgy have failed to materialized for the most part. At least in my corner of the World I am not hearing many complaints. Further from the lack of complaints or posts even on social media pro or con I have to think this might be nationwide.

One controversy was the change at the words of Consecration from " for all " to  " for many ".

It appears this controversy is also a huge one in Germany in which it appears Pope Benedict himself wrote an extensive document on addressed to the German Bishops on this. It has now just been posted on the German Conference of Bishops Web site. Father Z has the link and news at Benedict XVI explains to German bishops what the “pro multis” really says.

Father Z says in part after giving the background:

I don’t have the time or energy to translate it for you at the moment, but in short Pope Benedict explains that the bishops do, in fact, have to use “for many” and they have to engage in catechesis. He adds personal observations about the difficulty of having to say Mass in different languages and the dissonance there can be between the translations. He also heads off the common questions and objections raised by those who want to stick to “for all”.

Once again the Holy Father has offered good reflections on what the prayer really says. I am sure the text of the letter will soon be available in English.

I will be on the look out too for it in English.

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