Monday, April 16, 2012

Missouri Synod Lutherans To March To Catholic Cathedral To Show Support For HHS Mandate Opposition

In these tough days on this issue this really warms my Catholic American heart. Good Story here at  Fort Wayne Lutherans plan show of support for Catholics on religious freedom - LCMS congregations to gather Tuesday, deliver letters to cathedral .

I think it would be GREAT if they nailed it to the Cathedral door. Maybe they will.

As a religious journalist pointed out out this sort of activity by Missouri Synod Lutherans is sort of a big deal. Commenting a few months ago on the Congressional hearing testimony :

,,,Earlier today, the head of my church body did something that may be a first: testified before Congress. It may have happened before but I doubt it. We just don’t believe the job of the church is to testify about a given bill or not. We’re steadfastly bipartisan. We took no position on the health care bill that has yielded this situation. It was a pretty big day for Lutherans of my stripe. The Rev. Matthew C. Harrison testified (view/read) along with a Catholic bishop, an evangelical professor of moral philosophy, a rabbi and Torah scholar, and a Baptist professor. They were all united in their view that religious liberty is under threat. Precisely one of the witnesses has the same position as the Catholic Church on birth control, so it was clearly not a hearing on religious views of birth control .....

Again it is not just Catholic Bishops.

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