Monday, April 16, 2012

From Killing off the Football Team to Dorm Exorcisms Loyola Univ New Orleans Turns 100 yrs - Look Back

Kinda of a big week for Loyola University New Orleans this week THEY TURN 100 years old. Only 15 years old than Pope Benedict.!

The Loyola Student newspaper has some interesting articles up looking at some old article the paper had published. .  See for instance see   Students in uproar over football termination  ( MISTAKE - COULD HAVE BEEN NOTRE DAME SOUTH).

 It appears some thought it was a good idea ( or maybe just towing the line). See an original 1940 Op-Ed here at Editorial: Loyola Made Best Move When Football was Dropped

Other Editorials  they repost :
Editorial: The Great Depression marks the death of capitalism for US (1938)
Editorial: Kennedy is assassinated (1963)
Editorial: Political climate offers no end for draft season (1971

On to "big mistakes" they republish an very interesting article how an student encounter with a Dead Creole Woman via a ouija board went very wrong. See ‘Satan’ visits Buddig Hall? about  the DORM EXORCISM story.

They also have a short story here Racial diversity was challenged at the university for much of its history.

Kinda of a shame they don't have more Catholic related articles that would be from the time of Post War New Orleans life on Campus and Vatican II.

Still pretty interesting.

Happy Birthday Loyola.

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