Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Kneeling Racist Asks Louisiana Archbishop To Repent And Religious Liberty


The Deacon Bench gives and links the story on what is happening as to this photo of Archbishop Rummel and the kneeling racist. The anniversary of this was yesterday. See “A kneeling racist and an upright archbishop”.

I posted this at the Deacon Bench site:

Archbishop Rummel was a great man. There is a good bit to this story that sadly has applications today as to religious freedom. The Louisiana legislature tried on numerous attempts to intervere with the intergration of Catholic schools.

Here is the interesting part. No doubt the majority of white Catholics were not fans at all of the Archbishop's moves. If you think Birth Control is heated that is nothing compared to racial tensions in already hot New Orleans in the day.

YET these Catholics, with all their faults, did not bite . They did not rise up and join the forces in the City and State to violate religious freedom. In the end despite their own failing the Archbishop was boss. More than that they GOT the big picture too of the threat that such State intervention could have in the long run. And thus the attempts of political power to Trump Church power thankfully failed.

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