Monday, April 16, 2012

Pope Benedict In His Private Chapel Prays With His Brother Before His 85 Birthday ( Pic )

I so much like this picture. Two Brothers and two Priests just praying the Liturgy of the Hours together. Pope Benedict's Brother I think is pretty much blind so The Pope carries the full load of reading aloud the hours. Which I think adds a personal touching brotherly love dynamic. I have rarely seen a picture of the Pope's personal chapel at the at the Vatican. Not what I expected.  It is much more BRIGHT than I imagined , and  pretty small. So I guess if you get to attend Mass there with the Pope that is a pretty big deal. From the site where I got this:

Benedict XVI returned to the Vatican Friday evening, April 13, after beign in Castel Gandolfo since the afternoon of Easter Sunday.

The Pope advanced his return to Rome by 48 hours to welcome his brother, Mons. Georg Ratzinger, who arrived from Regensburg to celebrate two significant milestones with him: his 85th birthday on Monday, April 16; the seventh anniversary of his election to be the Successor of Peter on Thursday. April 19; and the anniversary of the inauguration of his Petrine ministry on April 24.

The pictures shown here were taken as the brothers prayed Lauds together Saturday morning in the Pontiff's private chapel, after morning Mass.

It is in the simplicity of prayer that L'Osservatore Romano joins its readers and many other persons throughout the world - men and women, beyond religious distinctions - who wish Benedict XVI a happy birthday.

He who believes is never alone, the Pope likes to repeat,expressing with this statement the mysterious and invisible reality - but not less real for this - of the communion of saints.

Benedict XVI is never alone because he is surrounded by the affection of perspons near and far, and by the friendship of the saints.

Ad multos annos, beatissimi pater! Ad multos et felicissimos annos!