Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mennonite Women Watching Fleet Week and Still Building Houses In New Orleans Post Katrina

Mennonites come up in the most amazing , and unexpected places. Part of my family is from Lake Providence Louisiana which is in extreme North East Louisiana. The Mennonites had an awesome Bakery ( sadly it burned) , and the community also made money by cleaning houses.

I ran across some Mennonites in Southern Arkansas not too long ago that had a fish raising business. They would raise Fish in their ponds ,and then sell them all over to people that wanted to stock their ponds or lakes.

In other words they are diverse.

So it was interest I saw this post and pictures from NOLAFemmes ~ New Orleans women talk that had a picture o Mennonite women Observing New Orlean FLEET WEEK. See Mennonites in NOLA

Now what is interesting is she mentions they have been in New Orleans ever since Hurricane Katrina building houses. I never knew that. I suppose at some point someone did a story on them , but interesting they are still there.

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