Monday, April 9, 2012

Great Piece and Video on Archdiocese of Boston Boys ' Choir School

Watch Boston Boy Choir on PBS. See more from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

This a very nice vid and transcript by PBS 's Religion and Ethics show on the only remaining Catholic Boys Choir School in the USA. Maybe it will inspire more of these schools to make a comeback ? See Boston Boy Choir

As they said "Music is so important that this place has been described not as a school with a choir, but as a choir with a school".

A couple of fascinating  and charming excerpts:

ROBINSON: Boys’ voices are going to change, and there’s very little that can be done about that. For many boys it really is no man’s land vocally, and the sound that they can produce is unpredictable and sometimes embarrassing, so we just have to be very kind to them when that day comes because, of course, it’s quite shocking that suddenly their whole life for the last four years as they’ve known it singing these beautiful treble parts is no longer happening in that way.

VALENTE: Those whose voices have changed can sometimes continue with the choir, learning to sing in falsetto. Others will serve as altar boys or ushers or will sit with the congregation, singing to encourage those around them.


VALENTE: How do you impart a love of this difficult music to these very young boys?

ROBINSON: They come to it, and they find something intrinsically beautiful about it, and other times they don’t really get it, and then my job’s harder to try and show them what’s good about it or what’s interesting about it, and different boys react in so many different ways. Sometimes they learn from each other. You’ll get one boy who loves it, and other people catch on when they see that he loves it.....

Really a nice piece. One wonder if the Anglican Ordinariate coming more online in the years to come if we shall more of this perhaps blooming there. Looking  At one Church that is in the Catholic Anglican Use their school has a STELLAR music program. Perhaps one of the best in Texas. So special boys choirs or not there is hope on that front.

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