Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For Spy Wednesday of Holy Week - Reflection on the Sins and Shortcomings of the Clergy

I think Msgr. Charles Pope has an excellent post on this. See Spy Wednesday Annual Reflection on the Sins and Shortcomings of the Clergy


APOV said...

Yes, typical reflection on the sins and shortcomings of the clergy, but not one mention of their CRIMES!

James H said...

Actually Sexual abuse is mentioned there. There are also other hurts too he makes sures to mention

APOV said...

That is my objection, he mentions the sexual abuse of children, and puts the label on it as "sin and shortcoming" rather than CRIME. Then he goes on and equates it with the shortcoming of not responding at the critical moment in a hospital visit. This is propaganda! We are all sinners and we all have shortcomings, but WE ARE NOT ALL CRIMINALS WHO MOLEST CHILDREN. I am shouting on purpose, because I for one and fed up with these liars talking about forgiving sin as an excuse for failure to protect children by covering up for child molesters under the guise of "forgiveness". Let the prisons be full of "forgiven" child molesters. Just look at all the good that the pedophile priests could have done in prison if they had been locked up with other people needing forgiveness and salvation if all the others from the pope on down had not covered up for them and get them all where they could just molest more and more and more children.