Thursday, April 12, 2012

Do You Know President Obama's Full Name ?

This is interesing. Despite all the talk of the OBAMA birth certificate I never picked that up. Ann Althouse has

What is Barack Obama's full name?

I have to admit I can see why a Democrat  running for elected office would try to avoid use of that name. It sounds very Gilligans Island " I am Thurston Howell the  III like. :)


Katy Anders said...

Barack Hussein Obama II.

Hearing the name 1,000 times a day has really desensitized me to how weird the name "Barack Obama" sounded just a couple years back.

The "II" part might have made it sound even MORE odd, but I don't know.

Maybe "II" instead of "Junior" is a cultural thing. I'm not overly familiar with Kenyan naming customs.

James H said...

According to the article it appears II would have been odd for even Kenya. It very well could have been a sort of odd thing the person that did the Birth Certificate decided to do.

THought that would mean in Hawaii would should be seeing quite a few II folks walking around