Monday, April 23, 2012

Bizarre Sex Abuse Charges Dismissed against Diocese of Knoxville Catholic Deacon

I think I highlighted this charge of Sexual Abuse against a Catholic Deacon in the Diocese of Knoxville. In case I did I wanted to highlight the Grand Jury returned a new true bill and that he will be returning to ministry and his position in the JROTC program. See McConnell to resume ministry in Catholic Church

Because of there was a minor involved it seemed the press accounts were a little skim. Though it appears these charges were to say the least rather bizaree.

From the comments:

It was puzzling from the first that a grandfather could be arrested for such a heinous crime, supposedly committed in such a public place, in full daylight, in the company of the child's mother (the Deacon's daughter), his wife, another couple and a parish priest. Puzzling and a little scary! Must I keep my little granddaughters at least three feet away from me in restaurants? Or could it possibly have been the presence of the priest that triggered someone's surreptitious surveillance? If so, would that constitute a "hate crime?"
Scary indeed.

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