Friday, April 27, 2012

Will Vatican VS American Nun Storyline Be More Nuanced Next Week?

The Anchoress has a good piece LCWR and Rome: the Opera of Catholicism that is talking about the depressing  predicatble narrative that seems to be accepted of the supposed Vatican war on American nuns.

As the Anchoress points out people  actually might want to read the document itself that seems very much more pastoral than crackdown. As the Anchoress notes toward the end:

...The corrections prescribed to the LCWR are few, and in fact would not be extraordinary to the life of any committed Catholic layperson: they include liturgical prayer; Eucharistic focus; the putting away of “other” minds in order to conform more closely to Christ’s, and most challengingly, obedience to primary understandings — our shared stumbling-block since Eden. Even Jesus struggled with it once...

The very well regarded journalist  John Allen has a good detailed piece today Notes on the LCWR overhaul

A lot of good facts and backgroudn there. Basically let us not only get some stuff right about what is going on but also stop acting like we are defcon 1 at this very moment.

The question I have is this.

Allen is no doubt read by many of the reporters , and religious pundits that have commented on this event . I have no indication that don't view him as top shelf in the journalism department. How much of Allen's insight might be mentioned or incorporated  in to the articles we see this week? I will try to observe that . However everyone might have got bored of this too and then moved on. However as to religious media I suspect that will not be the case. We shall see.

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