Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why Do Atheists Think Hating Gays Is Wrong ( Clever )

Bad Catholic is so clever!! I don't have this talent. Be sure the check out the link The Love Atheists Have For Gay Folks The non believers have shown up and the debate is on.

Sort of clever way too start a discussion with some humor that is not that biting.

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Anonymous said...

Gays cant give BLOOD because they are nasty People.

Animals INjEST and Eat and Lick their OWN Feces jUST like GAYS.

Gays live a Shorter lifespan [ That of an Animal ] in Comparison to Normal People..

Gays are the Ones Spreading the Aids Virus around the Plantet in A Great Amount..

Catholic Priests also are spreading the Aids Virus and have a Higher Rate of infection within the Priesthood.

Catholic Priests also have their Death Records Sealed and Altered and changed to hide that they have Aids.

This keeps the Catholic Church Gods Holy Church in the Eyes of the Millions of Catholics worldwide. while the Catholic church Spreads the Aids Virus to all mankind.

The Catholic Church has also Convinced millions of Africans and others as well that Condoms AUCTUALLY Cause AIDS Contraction.
These people are so Evil.

priests are dying AND SPREADING AIDS at a rate at least four times that of the general U.S. population.

priests responded to The Star's survey on AIDS and the priesthood -- a response rate of 27 percent. Nearly 60 percent said they personally knew at least one priest who had died of AIDS. And one in three
said they knew priests who were living with HIV or AIDS.

When priests do tell their superiors, the cases generally are handled quietly, either at the priests' requests or because church officials are reluctant to discuss and just iggy-ing the facts Thousands UPON