Saturday, April 14, 2012

Head of “ 40 days for Prayer ” For Abortion Says Catholic Priesthood CAUSES Child Rapists

THE UCC Church has been out to lunch for sometime so it does not shock me that the Head of 40 Days For Abortion Prayer Movement would say this . See Meet the Catholic Basher Behind Planned Parenthood’s 40 Days of Reproductive Justice

To be pro-choice is not to be anti-Catholic. To be pro-women’s ordination is not to be anti-Catholic. To be pro-marriage equality is not to be anti-Catholic. To be disgusted by sexual abuse and a worldwide system for its cover-up is not to be anti-Catholic. These positions are pro-people, as the church should be. If these things ARE anti-Catholic, then that is an admission by the church that these things are endemic to their culture and are non-negotiable. As a minister I know that the Christian faith is not founded in policies that are anti-people, and I believe even the Catholic church can embrace the change necessary to be a healthy part of people’s lives.

The second concern is why there are so many pedophiles in the Catholic church. I can’t believe that anyone is born a pedophile, so how does one become one, and is there something inherent in the Catholic system that actually creates pedophiles (rather than just attracting them)? I would posit that yes, the Catholic priesthood system creates pedophiles. I realize what a controversial statement that is (and I will be called anti-Catholic for it-see paragraph above).

The Catholic system identifies young men very early that they believe have qualities for the priesthood, and they are set on a educational track that will get them there. I believe the vast majority of these young men enter this priest-track quite innocently. From early adolescence they are taught that any sexual contact-including touching themselves-is a sin. At the height of their sexual awakening and curiosity, they receive regular reminders of that sex is forbidden. (Forbidden=nasty.) Such forced repression is eventually going to have an outlet. Since that outlet cannot be an open, honest one, it looks for ways to express itself that can be easily hidden. The victims are the ones most vulnerable and least likely to report.

The third concern is that we have too many different words for sexual assault, depending on the age or gender of the victim and actual sexual acts involved. Let’s do away with this hierarchy of sexual assault-it is all rape. Whether the victim is a child or an adult, male or female, unwanted sexual contact is rape. And the Catholic church is perpetuating a rape culture.

WOWER. Of course that does not answer my so many Protestant Clergy molest. It does not explain why so married people molest. Heck I guess people better keep their kids of out of sight of Tim Tebow.

I have to say as a Divorced Catholic that is attempting to live my life according to Christ's teaching on sexual morality I have not had any urges to be with kids.

So if there is NO NONE NOT ANY lets say genetic link to people that might have problems be attracted to children then why do all these non Catholic Priests molest kids in great numbers?