Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time For Catholic Bishops and Holy See To Call Out United Church of Christ ( Female " Priests" )

I have commented a good bit over the last months how Progressive Protestant Churches seem to be at war with the Catholic Church. Their lobbying for the HHS mandate though they knew it would have a huge effect on Catholics is a huge example. It seems no wants to state the obvious new state of affairs because it is troublesome.

Now we have an repeat of something bothersome. I have pointed out before that the United Church of Christ seems all into Catholic business as to the Priesthood. Which is strange since I don't think they believe in such things as Priests.

See   Is The United Church of Christ At War With The Catholic Church ( Female Ordination ) ?

Well up in Indiana this conduct continues. Get Religion has a story about the "ordaining" of a Female "Catholic Priest. See  Exciting development in Womenpriest coverage

If you go to the link  to the story they profile in the photos you shall see that event happened at the Freiden's United Church of Christ

The web site for the Church is here. The Conference they are part of is here.

We seem to have a trend here more and more with United Christ Churches being used for " Catholic " Female  ordaining events.

Perhaps it is time the Bishops and indeed the Holy See to start complaining. It is one thing of the United Church of Christ wanted to start it's own ": ordinariate " of people that believe in 7 Sacraments, and Bishops, and  transubstantiation , and involve them in the Church of Christ Tradition.  But they are not. They are quite an active partner in this more and more and just send these "Catholics" on their merry little way.

They are monkeying around with an the internal affairs of the Catholic Church in a quite in face style. It is not only anti Ecumenical it is rude.

At some point the Catholic Bishops need to press them on this when they gather with their officials. I for one am not seeing Bishop Coyne up in Indy acting this way toward the Church of Christ of Leadership.


Jim said...

I had a discussion with a Catholic priest out in Texas years ago. It got around to the reformation and he made a good point in saying that you cannot 'reform' anything from without. Apparently the UCC is just looking for attention.

B.Martin said...

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