Friday, April 27, 2012

When Race Is Overplayed In Media Readers Miss the Real Story - Dateline New Orleans Elections

There was some a interesting City Council race in New Orleans that is I think is an example of lazy news reporting on politics. That is making  the story so about race. Race no doubt plays some role often and I will admit in some races a major role. But too often it seems the default position of some reporters. The problem you don't get the full story of whats really happening.  I think this City Council race is NOLA is sort of an example of this. I suspect this can be duplicated many times around the country

On a side note , I think as to stories on a national level "Religion" is being used the same way sadly. That is not used correctly as part of   a very sophisticated analysis of elections.

As to this there  race are two stories on this I can not recommend enough. See from The Gambit The real game changers for sort of a overview . Then  go to this very well done post ( "Unspoken" Rules Of NOLA Political Coverage or Why We aren't "In" )  to see in detail how this played out in the media.

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