Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blackmailing The Gift Giver - From Komen to the Catholic Church

The Komen situation and Planned Parenthood fracas  was instructive. In the big scheme of things the grant that Komen gave Planned Parenthood was rather insignificant in the PP budget. But once Komen threaten to take away this "Gift" all hell broke loose. Planned Parenthood had a RIGHT to that gift. Komen eventually caved in.

We now see a similar situation as to the Catholic Church ,and the funds it collects from the  the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection. This collection ,and the things it has funded has been a source of controversy for many years among Catholics. The Bishops decided to avoid this controversy  in that they would make sure there was no  Catholic teaching  "conflict" on the money given ( the gift ) and what certain groups were doing that might conflict with Catholic teaching.

Now in many ways this should be non controversial. There are many organizations out there looking to serve those most in need. If there was a conflict we would just shift the money elsewhere.

However this year we have seen a series of stories run that express outrage the Catholic Church is doing this. The gift from a Church has now it seems becomes an entitlement. That gift that donation that grant it seems cannot be taken away from some without OUTRAGE. It does that matter that money will be used elsewhere to help the poor or those struggling. Now the gift giver must now justify taking away that gift that donation or be crucifyed. It is all a strange turn of events.

Father Z highlights just one of these stories this year at Condom-promoting Nun v. U.S. Catholic Bishops. The Magisterium of Nuns is still shrill

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