Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Thoughts On George Zimmerman Case

This is not been America's finest hour. Pundit, politicos , media , and now we can add Defense Lawyers to that.

This case has sort of taken on the feeling of an College Football game. Sort of a LSU versus Alabama in the trial court. The problem is the pursuit of Justice in the courts should be none of that. At first all sides in this had some legitimate issues. However people get invested in a "side" ,and then all sort of craziness starts.

The most shocking thing this week has been the conduct of George Zimmerman 's ex Lawyers. Why in heaven's name are they on tv talking aboout the case and Zimmerman when they are no longer with their client. In the real world when Defense counsel is let go they shut up. File a motion to withdrawl and move on. Of course in this case there was not even a case at the time to file a motion to withdraw from. Which makes their conduct unethical more. I really wonder if indeed might rise to the sanctionable if Zimmerman pursued it.

Last bit. The Prosecutor yesterday seemed to have a zeal to convict Zimmerman. BIAS people shouted. Nonsense. If she did not think he was guilty then she had no business charging him. That of course does not make him guilty , but there is nothing unethical about it.

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Katy Anders said...

Yes! It's an awful story.

People hear the basic story and make a political decision as to who is in the right, which doesn't make any sense and ignores how we don't know the facts, really.

And now the prosecutor has apparently decided to get the heat off her by punting it to a jury.

It all only brings up bad feelings.