Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Orleans To Be One Of Three Cities To Host Blessed John Paul II National Exhibit

This is some happy news , and a it is a great honor. New Orleans will be only one of three American Cities that will have it. See Archdiocese to formally announce hosting the Blessed John Paul II exhibit Friday


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you see yourself as a writer of some sort, however, make sure you get your facts straight. All good or at least educated writers check their facts. Since you don't actually know the facts, make sure you present it as opinion.
What Mike Latham did was unexcusable. He used the internet in ungodly ways and I will not defend that. But that does not make him guilty of more, just because it is a good example.(possibly the only example you can find). Your facts are WRONG!!! The facts are so inaccurate that it makes you look rather ridiculous. There was no cover up. It wasn't hidden or not spoken about. I am a Southern Baptist and used to live in minden.
It was dealt with every day. But there was nothing else to the story as you have implied. And I can guarantee that the Protestant world isn't rushing to save him. He is in a mess that no one but God can handle.

James H said...

I think you meant to comment on the other post but I will take it here.

First I did made it quite clear that I was not accusing of him of doing anything else. Second I was quite clear I was not accusing anyone of a coverup

My point is how these cases are covered among Faith groups. Second and you might go back and see I was trying to make another connection how in both Protestant and Catholic worlds non cleric coverage seems different from non cleric.

Most of my piece dealt with the media coverage.

Again one way to find out if anything went wrong in the past is to get the word out. The facts here as reported were very very thin.

Again as I stated I was not accusing the SBC or local authrorires of doing anything wrong.

However usually as to this cases like this there is a need to get info out to the public to make sure nothing else happened