Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Sane Sober Measured Thoughts on The Vatican Intervention Of The Leadership Conference of Women Religious

The Anchoress has a rather good thought out post on the whole Vatican intervention. See LCWR, the SSPX and the Vatican; Welcome to Eden – UPDATED

On that post she has many good links that are also sane and measured . These caught my eye

First Reaction from the LCWR UPDATED ( good piece - Not all Sisters are alike and in fact this is a very narrow focus )

He also hit something that irks me:
I dislike this idea, implicit in Fr. Martin’s Twitter effort, that the criticism of the leadership of the LCWR is somehow a criticism of American women religious as a whole. The LCWR is the equivalent of a professional society for school principals or CEOs, there to provide training and leadership formation. This is not about American women religious. This is about a tiny, noisy slice of their leadership that has lost its way and no longer understands its role in the universal Church. Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with issuing position statements on politically divisive issues and building labyrinths.

Also a must read-
Let’s Be Sober About the LCWR Assessment

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