Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can Outside Money Can Help Us Discern the Movement of the Holy Spirit In Our Churches ?

Discerning what is and what is not an authentic movement of the Holy Spirit is made more challenging for us when outside money, politics, and secular moralism enter into an equation that is supposed to involve the prayerful study of God's Holy Word by believers in that Word. When a spirit of the age is in conflict with scripture, it is the new spirit that is to be revised, not Holy Scripture, but when powerful forces want a new spirit to be legalized, and the Church has been sufficiently weakened in its confidence of what we used to call the "Gospel truth," the progressive strategy works amazingly well.

This is from a rather good post that Not Another Episcopal Church Blog has done at The Mighty Move of the Spirit is Headed to the UMC

He reference and links a Methodist that is bringing up issues that will come at their general convention. That piece is a good read as to the who is supplying this outside money. It should be notes that those groups are also giving a TON of money to Catholic groups to help them help us "discern the Spirit.

Of course in a more democracy based Churches the effects are more evident and drastic.

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