Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gov Bobby Jindal Signs Education Reform Bill At Catholic School with Archbishop of New Orleans and Children of Many Races ( Pics)

Look The Archbishop of New Orleans came up to the Diocese of Baton Rouge to Redemptorist Elementary (Catholic) For the bill signing. Note the Archbishop of New Orleans is not the wonderful beautiful blond ,and talented  State REP @LenarWhitney who we got these pictures from. The Archbishop is the guy in the black on the left. I assume it's a safe bet that Bishop of Baton Rouge was there too . This bill is a total revamp of Louisiana education that involves Private/Religious /Charter  school vouchers and teacher tenure reform

A very good picture from a political PR standpoint. Catholic school ( check) , Catholic school kids of varying races ( check) , Teachers of varying races ( check) , everyone smiling ( check)

Bobby signing the bill. From reporter twitter reports I heard he gave out 75 pens.

Anyway a big day for Jindal, a big day for Catholic and public education, and God willing a huge day for the future of our kids. Time will tell if this major reform pays off.

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